Our Youth


Throughout the world there is different races, ethnicity, taste, and sexual preferences. Many of our young adults are seeing adults being more open with their sexuality which brings up the curiosity to them. When i go back thinking about the times that i believed that everyone had cooties and it was all fun and games it just reminds me of the innocence that our youth lives in. Once i started to grow some knowledge about life things started to change in my mind. I mean i wish i knew what homosexuality is. Around the age of ten i myself wondered why i felt an attraction to women when i was suppose to be liking boys. It was all confusing and i believed that i was in this by myself. I wish i had the opportunity that all these kids have now. They can not only know what homosexuality is but understand that they are not much different from heterosexuals. One important thing is that those kids that are part of the LGBT have the chance to learn about the consequences of having sexual intercourse with their partner.Those young adults that are getting to know themselves now know that they are not alone in this. Over the years many young adults have committed suicide because they are being bullied and feel as if they are alone in this.  If you a parent wouldn’t you want your kids to know about homosexuality even if they are or not a homosexual themselves? Make your voice count because it can save a life.

The deep unity of a family

Over a course of decades a LGBT family felt as if they were missing something. They were missing the big step, tying the knot. After the legalization of marriage in Massachusetts many of those couple that were waiting on the opportunity took it. Those couples that got married have a family of their own already and it made them more united and happy. The same way that a heterosexual couple feels a larger commitment when they get married it is the same feeling for homosexual couples. Their children have understood that their family is now legitimate and that their parents are not just confused as many of those that oppose same sex marriage believe. What are you’re thoughts about a LGBT family? lgbt-family-building-event-300x200

Results on legalizing gay marriage in Massachuetts

gi_96873_resizeimagehandlerHomosexuality has existed for over decades yet over the most recent years the LGBT community has fought for what they believe are their rights. On May 17, 2004 same sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts. With the legalization of same sex marriage many educational books about homosexuality have been published. Some parents believe that it should be their personal choice if they want their child to be taught about homosexuality. For example, David Parker was arrested when his son’s school,Lexington’s Joseph Estabrook Elementary School,  refused to alert him about his son being taught about homosexuality. David strong refused for his son to know about homosexuality yet the fact that same sex marriage is legalized it made it legal for schools to also teach about homosexuality. What are your personal thoughts about homosexuality being taught? What are the effects that this might bring? Are you against homosexuality or for homosexuality? Would you want your kids to be educated about homosexuality? Why or why not? 



In many states where gay marriage is legal young students are being educated about homosexuality. I personally believe that having our community taught about homosexuality is important because those that are part of the LGBT do not know that they can have the same consequences as sexually active heterosexual couples. Many people out there are either becoming more open about their sexuality or are. In full respect i feel like everyone should be able to express themselves in their full color. Comment if you either agree or disagree on our younger generations being taught about homosexuality